Breitling Premier replica watches, the same as Wu Yanzu. This time, the GF factory has launched a total of four styles of Puya series chronographs, namely white dial/gray dial/blue dial/green dial, green dial will be more popular, gold green, Bentley cooperation special. The small gray bezel in the middle of the white surface, commonly known as panda eye, has basically no color difference; the genuine blue product is slightly heavy in color and blue, but has a slight color difference, but it cannot be seen without comparison; green, it should be said to be the most popular style, with gold-green color workmanship not bad. The disk surface is all designed with radial lines, the pointer is slender and the same as the genuine one, the embossed brand initials at the 12 o’clock position are three-dimensional and smooth, and the font printing is thick and the shape is correct. The difference between Replica Premier Watches Swiss ETA Movement is the calendar. Because the thickness of the movement is different, the depth of the calendar is different. The authentic calendar is more than one millimeter thinner, which is closer to the dial, and the replica is slightly concave.

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