The replica Cartier Pasha series ladies automatic mechanical movement watches, each part of the mold is opened, and the dense bottom design is enough to be real. Equipped with a Swiss movement. Diameter: 35.25mm, overall thickness: 9.5mm, mirror surface measuring 8.8mm on the bottom cover, 316L stainless steel, sapphire scratch-resistant mirror. The original itself is made of stainless steel, and there is no weight difference between precious metals; the dense bottom design makes the movement invisible, and the structure is basically the same even if it is opened. The original is ETA2892. Each part of the mold, the accessories can basically be universal and original, and it is difficult to distinguish male and female when put together. Each Replica Pasha Watches Swiss ETA Movement has been tested by QC data, and then added with simulator testing, to ensure a reasonable error range before shipment, and the movement is guaranteed for life. The niche is high-end. Blue balloons and tanks are often seen in public places or parties. These have long made people tired or numb, but Pasha replica watches are unique and show the independent characteristics of successful women. The safety cover with the chain tied to the head not only looks elegant and noble, but also gives a reserved and subtle beauty; the grainy bracelet makes people never get tired of seeing it.

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