Maurice Lacroix Replica Watches

Maurice Lacroix is Swiss watch brand, has condensed decades years experience of making high quality watches. Its brilliant history is started from 1961, the Desco Von Schulthess AG company located in Zurich, Switzerland acquired a watch components factory in Saignelégier, produce exclusive brand to supply domestic and overseas markets. In 1975, Desco Von Schulthess AG company produced the first watch named by Maurice Lacroix in Austria, from then on Maurice Lacroix was born. Over the next two decades years, Maurice Lacroix built unimpeded marketing network all over the world, its expansion speed rapidly is amazing. Today, Maurice Lacroix watch which has 220 employees in the whole world, its products sale in around 3,700 designated senior watch shop in over 60 countries, and it is one of the most successful Swiss watch brands both at home and abroad. Among Swiss watch factory, it can be said that it is unique. Maurice Lacroix replica watches continue the elegant outlook of genuine, to build a high-end and practical function watch that has attracted many people’s eyes. And Maurice Lacroix replica watches have become a more and more fashion trend. If you want to buy a Maurice Lacroix replicas, please visit Replica Maurice Lacroix Watches Swiss ETA Movement.

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