Chopard Replica Watches

Louis-Ulysse Chopard (1836-1915), the son of a farmer from Sonvilier, quickly conquered Switzerland and the world at the age of 24. The artisan watchmaker created works of art with innovative designs, which early on helped him export to such illustrious places as the court of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia. Qualities like precision and reliability were very sought-after characteristics in watches, dating all the way back to the 19th century. With unique chronometers and pocket watches, Louis-Ulysse Chopard replica watches aimed to fulfill and exceed these “desires”.
Thanks to its superb timekeepers, Chopard forged itself a reputation for reliable and high quality watches made in Switzerland. From the start, Chopard won two very prestigious commissions, becoming official provider of watches for «Tir Fédéral» and the Swiss Railway Company. Louis-Ulysse Chopard travelled to Russia, making his way through Poland, Hungary and the Baltic States. Tsar Nicholas II of Russia was one of his clients. He also struck business with a number of Scandinavian retailers who self-branded his timepieces. Chopard watches thus penetrated the international market.
Replica Chopard Watches Swiss ETA Movement is one of the last family-run watchmaking and Jewellery Company. Since the 1980s, Karl and Karin’s children Caroline and Karl-Friedrich have played an active part in the company. Caroline and Karl-Friedrich are Chopard’s current Co-Presidents. They each showed their independence: Caroline Scheufele, who is responsible of the ladies’ collections, developed the jewellery section and later the high-end jewellery department while her brother Karl-Friedrich, who managed the men’s collections, developed sports watches during the 1980s and the Chopard Manufacture in Fleurier, which produces the L.U.C movements, in the 1990s.

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