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F1 Factory Replica Watches is the first time to buy original matching watches for men and women on the entire network, and perform a deep 1:1 re-engraving! 1: The 3D scanning of the case is copied from the mold to ensure that the case is fully consistent with the genuine data. In the later stage, all high-precision German CNC processing is used, and the machine parts are highly matched! 2: The inner tank/the whole network is the only one that adopts the same solid inner cover as the original one, and CNC handles the hidden position and fixed position of the machine. The craftsmanship is complicated and exquisite. Three: Movement / original Swiss high-power quartz movement + Cartier A-level special splint, accurate travel time, zero repair! Four: Dial/CNC finely carved three-level silver-plated dial, orbital scale with slender three-dimensional Roman numeral hour markers, sun ray decorative effect, generous and clear! Five: Mirror / French sapphire crystal glass with high penetration treatment, the appearance is almost invisible. Six: The leather strap + buckle/lower weight is made of crocodile skin imported from Italy, the leather surface is pressed with crocodile skin pattern, and the surface is polished by agate stone. The appearance, texture and feel are not inferior to American crocodile skin! The bottom is made of Kajia consistent leather, which is comfortable to wear! It is matched with the iconic pin buckle that is drawn from the original 1:1 mold, which complements each other!This Replica Watches can be used not only with formal business attire, but also with sports casual wear. Cartier’s enduring reputation and immortal design are perfect for self-wear and gifts to relatives and friends! ! !

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