Replica Tourbillon Watch Swiss ETA Movement

Tourbillon means rotation-style escapement speed regulating mechanism. Tourbillon watch is a kind watch speed adjusting device which invented by Swiss watch master Mr. Louis Breguet in 1795. Tourbillon in French has the meaning of “whirlpool”, it is a mechanical watch that equipped with rotation-style escapement speed regulating mechanism. Breguet invented Tourbillon mechanism is in order to correct errors of watch machinery caused by terrestrial gravity. Common Mechanical Watch has great error because of affected by spring tightness, metal fatigue and terrestrial gravity. Tourbillon speed adjuster is the only can not affected by these things, annual error less than 1 second, and also the only mechanical watch structure that can reach observatory grade. Nowadays, replica Tourbillon watches copy every detail and component of genuine data, almost all functions can realize. Also can be a good choice for you, if you are falling in love with Tourbillon watch, but you do not want to cost too much.

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