C+ Factory

Recently, another C+ Factory launched a cola circle. The overall workmanship of C+ Factory’s cola circle is very good. Its cola circle is on par with C factory. It is also because of this time’s cola circle and Inter Milan circle that C+ Factory became famous and promoted from a small factory. big factory. The size of the Coke circle of C+ Factory is the same as the original one, 40mm. The Replica Watches are made of 904 stainless steel, and the mirror surface is made of sapphire mirror, with dual time zone function. The three o’clock position is a 2.5 times magnifying glass for the calendar window. The overall appearance is still the main style of Rolex! The bezel of C+ Factory Replica Watches is made of the same material as the original ceramic bezel, red and blue are combined, and the ceramic scale is made of platinum powder, which is the same as the original, so that it is not afraid of oxidation and blackening. The depth of the scale numbers is the same as the original Almost, the ceramic ring is a one-piece fired ceramic ring, non-splicing, no transition line, it can be said to be seamless connection, the same as the ceramic ring of C factory.

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