PF factory

PF Factory has been operating for many years, and there are not many styles launched, mainly Patek Philippe Nautilus and grenade series, the simulation degree and quality are very good. The movement adopts ETA9015 movement, and its stability is worthy of recognition. 5726A is a steel-shell Nautilus annual calendar. As one of the most classic series of Patek Philippe, the Nautilus series has been popular among watch lovers since its launch in 1976. In the Replica Watches market, PF Factory Replica Watches recently launched the true “core” version of Nautilus 5726. Compared with the complex Nautilus of the previous KM factory, the Nautilus 5726 of PF Factory has upgraded six major technological breakthroughs: 1. The thickness is consistent with the genuine product . 2. The same size as the original. 3. Gradient disk surface consistent with the genuine product. 4. True multi-function that is consistent with the genuine product. 5. Ultra-handy diamond rhombus stainless steel strap. 6. The market exclusively realizes that the position of the balance wheel is consistent with the genuine product.

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