Tudor Heritage replica watches adopt real opening mold and manufacturing according to genuine watch, parts and components reach to be able to use universally with genuine watch. The case is made of 904L stainless steel, watch ear through matte wire drawing treatment, bezel and bevel edge are through polishing and retouching, extremely restore the hale and fluent lines of genuine watch. If you want to have more choice of Tudor Heritage replicas, please visit Replica Heritage Watches Swiss ETA Movement. The pointers and scales of replica Tudor Heritage watches are with nightlight effect and are filled with non-radioactive noctilucent materials. And the dial adopt special enamel technology treatment, and the dial typeface is clean and tidy. The watch use anti-scratch sapphire crystal glass watch mirror, and upper and lower side are coated Air colourless film that is extremely transparent. And adopt dense bottom design, and use Swiss ETA2836 automatic movement that same functions and appearance as genuine movement.

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