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YS Factory Roger Dolby King series hollowed out double flying tourbillon imitation watch, equipped with two flying true double tourbillons for stable operation, the ceiling of the tourbillon with the highest value in history Replica Watches is fully copied from the original data, molded case and literal, both inside and outside This is another historical moment in the engraving world. The RD01 tourbillon manual winding plate is set up, and each movement has to undergo dozens of simulated QE tests and winding. Hundreds of adjustments until it is stable and qualified. Manually wind up to the movement when it is still. If the handle cannot be hardened, it will cause the mainspring to open. The diameter is 45mm and the thickness is 13mm. The two tourbillons rotate at a constant speed, elegant It is moving, satisfies your senses, shocks the eyes of others, and overcomes the obstacles of gravity to the greatest extent, and the travel time is extremely accurate. Front and back sapphire crystal glass, with genuine American crocodile leather, original RD folding buckle, the pinnacle work, unique, the quantity is pitifully small, Roger Dubuis double Tourbillon is worthy of collection by watch lovers. YS Factory Replica Watches-Designed for the top real tourbillon.

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