KY Factory

For the Longines brand. It is a luxury brand. Has a long history. It’s just that Longines has always positioned watches at a price that is close to the people. Of course, the overall watch workmanship is also very good. General business and leisure, Longines famous craftsmen are still very worth wearing! Certainly for Replica Watches. There are many manufacturers involved. Such as MK factory. KZ factory. And the KY Factory Longines master craftsman who wants to talk about the movement. For KY Factory. Also belongs to a new factory. But this factory is a king fried temperament. Because the biggest point is that the movement of the watch has been modified. Although it is said that like other factories, many movements are matched with Seagull movements. But KY Factory Replica Watches has ETA stamped on the movement shocks. In this regard. It also meets the needs of many watch friends. At the same time, recently, KY Factory has also involved a dual-calendar watch.

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