AI Factory

The AI ​​Factory fantasy starry sky watch was born, and it lived up to expectations: the real starry sky orbit dial, Exactly the same as the genuine product, the exclusive three-layer dial is perfect for the original replica watch! The “Symbol of Nobility” Patek Philippe AI Factory Replica Watches has a built-in sky panorama, which rotates the most dazzling starry sky in the northern hemisphere at different speeds with a unique three-layer dial, accurately showing the panorama of the sky in which the stars and the moon revolve in the night sky. The astrology map is composed of three different discs: two discs display the starry sky background and the moon phase, and a transparent crystal disc shows the astrology map and the Milky Way. The hour and minute hands on the Replica Watches dial adopt a willow-shaped hollow design, the blue dial is equipped with silver-gray hands; the black dial is equipped with milky white hands. The center adopts the original consistent solid polished center shaft, exclusive craftsmanship.

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