JJF Factory was born, JJF Factory introduced a new color ceramic forging technology, the material selection of the case and bezel, spared no expense to use zirconia imported from Japan, without any pigment, forged with ultra-high pressure and ultra-high temperature , to form ultra-high-density colored ceramics, and then select one out of a hundred to ensure that each finished product has no color difference from the original! The CNC-level grinding perfectly handles the corners of the entire case, even ceramics, without cutting hands. The drawing of the bezel, after top-level grinding technology, makes every thread and line without interruption, and every hexagonal screw is on the same plane as the bezel, rejecting the slightest protrusion and depression, which explains what is top-level Replica Watches Craft! The dial is based on the classic large grid pattern of Audemars Piguet Replica Watches. The grids are arranged in layers and are perfectly polished to fully reflect the perfection. The three-point calendar dial, under the action of the sapphire glass concave lens, the TPE expansion effect is the same as the original version.Every needle, large and small, has no glitches from all angles, which solves the troubles that most obsessive-compulsive cousins ​​have been having! The middle parts of the scale and hands are made of luminous powder imported from Switzerland. Each individual is filled by hand. The uniformity and fullness are far beyond the comparison of machine filling. The brightness and luminous color are almost the same as the original version! JJF Factory Replica Watches adopts ETA-modified 3126 chronograph movement, 12-digit small seconds, 12-hour and 30-minute timing at six and nine o’clock, which perfectly restores all the functions of the original version. After JJF The team’s precision grinding has greatly improved the stability of the ETA basic movement, and alleviated the embarrassing phenomenon that the chronograph movement has always been empty-handed! Impeccable, it can be called ceiling level!

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