Rolex Day-Date replica watches completely adopt the new-generation Swiss ETA3255 automatic mechanical movement, to shows excellent and outstanding precious timing level. And this automatic winding mechanical movement can be said is the peak work of watchmaking technology, and it owns 14 patents, in accuracy, power storage, anti-shock, anti-magnetic, convenience, reliable and other aspects are very excellent. Replica Rolex Day-Date watches is made by opening mold according to genuine Rolex, and same appearance and functions as genuine. If you want to have more choice of Rolex Day-Date replicas, please visit Replica Day-Date Watches Swiss ETA Movement. The case and bracelet are made of 316L stainless steel and plated 18K gold, and through fine polishing and grinding treatment, to make the watch case and bracelet is anti-scratch and wear-resistent. The watch crystal use sapphire crystal with colourless AR coating, and at the same time adopt dense design, make the whole watch extremely close to genuine watch and run time accurately and reliablely.

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