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The overall style of the KZ Factory Longines double calendar watch is mainly business dress, and the wearing effect gives people a very capable temperament. It is also a standard watch for many business personnel. However, the popularity of this famous double calendar watch , and also allowed many replica watch manufacturers to open molds one after another. The sales of both genuine and replica versions are extremely popular. Because of the huge market share, major replica watch manufacturers are replicating one after another. For example, JF factory, MKS factory, LG Factory, KZ Factory and today’s protagonist KZ Factory Replica Watches, although there are many versions of Longines double calendar Replica Watches on the market, the only ones that can truly detoxify are those produced by KZ Factory, which are basically flawless. The interior is equipped with the original Swiss ETA movement, basically no repairs. The mold-opening strength of each manufacturer also reflects the popularity of Longines from the side. Of course, the mold-opening strength of each manufacturer is different. From the movement of the watch, the watch version can be distinguished.

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