3K Factory

3K Factory, as a top-level Replica Watches ceiling-level factory that pays great attention to quality, details, movement and workmanship, its popular Replica Watches models include 3K Factory Patek Philippe Aquanaut and 3K Factory Patek Philippe Nautilus. Speaking of 3K Factory, friends who are familiar with Replica Watches know that in the watch industry, 3K Factory became an instant hit with Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711. And more importantly, 3K Factory Replica Watches exclusively customizes the Cal.324 movement. Its movement size and accessory balance wheel are carefully crafted countless times. The reason to ensure this is because this is a bottom-through watch model, and many major manufacturers are competing. If you want to win the market leader, you must make a breakthrough in the movement, and the 3k factory Watches lasted three years. The design and development of the movement is the largest investment.

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