WWF Factory

The WWF Factory case is made of the same titanium metal as the original. This Replica Watches has a polished and brushed surface. The case made of ordinary titanium metal will have some dark spots, and the WWF Factory Replica Watches in terms of material selection and Its careful, size 45MM, the drawing is neat and delicate, the lines are smooth, the 6 H-type titanium screws in the ring can be completely interchangeable with the genuine product, and strive to restore it to the extreme! The literal color was confirmed after ten months of repeated debugging by the WWF watchmakers, and the color difference was restored to 98%. The most difficult blue letter to achieve 0 color difference, almost the entire replica bezel is difficult to achieve; the literal font is 3D printed The craftsmanship, the strokes of the letters, the size and thickness of the letters are completely restored to the original!

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