Rolex Datejust M126334-0009 Clean Factory White Dial

$760.00 $507.00

  • Brand Rolex
  • Range Datejust
  • Model M126334-0009
  • Gender Mens
  • Movement SWISS ETA3235 Automatic Movement
  • Case Size 41 mm
  • Factory Clean Factory


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Rolex Datejust M126334-0009 Clean Factory White Dial Replica Watch.The material is the same as the original one, made of 904 fine steel, and the polishing and workmanship details are in place. The case is polished in the same way as the original one, so that the color of the case is consistent with the original one. The workmanship details of the handle are also very beautiful, and the handle is the same as the original one. The screw-in handle can increase the waterproof strength of the watch, and the texture of the handle is also very good, making it easier to debug the watch! Note here that after adjusting the time, you must also lock the head tightly to avoid the embarrassing situation of water entering the watch. The mirror is made of sapphire, which is scratch-resistant and highly permeable. There is also a Rolex anti-counterfeiting mark at the six o’clock position, which is composed of 152 laser dots. The details are all in place. The movement adopts Swiss 3235 movement. This movement is also relatively accurate and stable. The kinetic energy reserve can reach about 48 hours. The functions are the same as the genuine ones. The style is classic and noble, and can be worn for leisure and business.