Rolex Datejust M126334-0021 Clean Factory Grey Dial

$760.00 $507.00

  • Brand Rolex
  • Range Datejust
  • Model M126334-0021
  • Gender Mens
  • Movement SWISS ETA3235 Automatic Movement
  • Case Size 41 mm
  • Factory Clean Factory


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Rolex Datejust M126334-0021 Clean Factory Grey Dial Replica Watch.The font is three-dimensional and rounded, the scales have a certain depth, and the edges of the ceramic ring are slightly rounded. Of course, the clean factory is very attractive for its accomplishments in bezels, but for the design of accessories, it has achieved the ultimate flavor. Of course, it is also very reliable in terms of watch quality, and in terms of details The handling is also very good! The fonts on the disk are full, round and without burrs, looking clear and clean. The connection between the glass and the watch case is completely transparent, and no white edges can be seen. The arc shape of the edge of the glass is consistent with the original, and the height of the glass protruding from the ceramic ring is the same as the original.